What Xodi Insurance Solutions Do?

Xodi Insurance Solutions was formed with an intent to bring transparency in the insurance market which will help customers to buy the desired products. Misleading of insurance products is prevalent, and the insurance buyers are reporting several cases of Misleading. Xodi Insurance Solutions makes complicated insurance buying easy by offering a portfolio of insurance products which are comparable and easy to understand. The insurance terminologies and jargons are simplified for a better understanding of the insurance product. An insurance layman can also easily educate himself by choosing, comparing and buying the right insurance plan for himself.

Xodi Insurance Solutions helps customers buy all types of insurance products – be it family health insurance, life term insurance, mediclaim policy, pension plan, travel insurance, Car insurance, two wheeler Insurance or any other insurance policy at the lowest price suiting the customer’s need.

Xodi Insurance Solutions is more than just an aggregator, it’s a “WEBSITE” where you can get insurance suggestions in a friendly manner.

Why use our services?

Because we provide absolutely unbiased, uncluttered way of comparing insurance and get you the best quotes after sifting through thousands of policies. Read More Why Xodi Insurance ?

Our Corporate Responsibility

we take our duty as a responsible and sustainable business extremely seriously. It is the life-blood of our business and is at the essence of how we conduct our business.

We combine the principles of sustainability into our central business operations, propositions, and services, and continually reinforce our commitment to contribute to the sustainable development of Indian society.


We Have Honesty

We are honest, transparent, and we provide Insurance product and price information purely on the basis of the information furnished to us by Insurers.

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We Give The Values

We add value to the policyholder community with our cutting-edge innovative tools, information and comparative rates that will help consumers make better insurance decisions.

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We are A Brand

Xodi Insurance Solutions are committed to work with insurance partners in developing innovative services to meet the needs of diverse policyholder community

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We Understand Privacy

We are deeply committed to safeguarding our customers' information.

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